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Welcome to the weird German LochBar which means something along the lines of The Pottable Pub. What you can find on the menu are all kinds of bits, sips, and Hot Pots from the world of snooker (no food pics though, sorry Stephen!). A chaotic column about the game we all love – even if nobody else might understand us.

January is a dreadful month. People are full of good resolutions for the new year which means they have to get out of bed for their once-a-year trip to the gym. Maybe they’re even going one step further and sort out the stuff in their top drawer or wear matching socks to work. Lucky as we are, January is a lot less dreadful when it comes to snooker. The Masters has not disappointed us so far and there are some more potentially fantastic matches to come. Unfortunately, even all the glamour of the Masters cannot hide the need for some good resolutions in the world of snooker:

The snooker community has changed in the last months and I wouldn’t say it has changed for the better. On my twitter timeline there are a lot of complaints about one aspect of the game or another. Then there are complaints about these complaints. And let’s not forget the infamous “<INSERT BAD WORD> <insert player name> <INSERT MORE BAD WORDS>” tweets from the betting crew, when a bet did not quite land.

I see people who want snooker to be like darts. I see people who want snooker to be like chess. I don’t see some people anymore because they have simply given up on snooker.

So maybe now is the time to remember that we (okay, maybe not you, Bob) are here - we’re part of the snooker family - because we’ve fallen in love with snooker at one point. And we’ve all fallen in love with it because it is, well, like snooker. So let’s make this our favourite, gym-free new year’s resolution: Let’s remember why we love snooker!

For those asking: the UK Championship last December was the best reminder for me. Of course I am talking about the fairy tale, in which my favourite player, David Grace, reached the semis of the second-biggest event on the calendar. He casually beat players like Peter Ebdon and Martin Gould to get there.

Sure, I have seen David knock in superlong reds, miss easy pinks off the spot and make fantastic century breaks at a lot of ET events. Watching him do the same in York as if it were Mülheim was the best early Christmas present ever. Finally he could show everyone what a great player he is and that he has what it takes to beat the best of the best. I knew it was going to happen eventually and when it did, during the UK Championship of all tournaments, it was – as Dennis would and probably did say – amazing.

Semifinal in York, one table set-up, walk-on music, Rob Walker as the MC – and it was all for David (and one other bloke I’m going to ignore at this point). That match turned out to be the end of the fairy tale. It was a happy ending. It was an experience that made me shout “Come on David” at the TV screen. I wasn’t the only one shouting, “Go David!” I heard from the audience.

It was a magic moment and it gave me one more reason to love snooker. Hopefully I will remember this the next time somebody tries to drag me into a conversation about toilet breaks. Come on, snooker people, let’s leave the negativity in 2015.

In 2016 we all need to start shouting “Go snooker!” and we need to be loud.


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